Here at KAL, we have an expert commercial and residential property disposal team that will guide property owners through the entire process selling the property.

KAL helps Landlords to sell their property interests by helping the client to create an effective marketing schedule, creating a profitable markup and helping the client foresee trends that suit the market that they operate within.

Our experts anticipate market trends, understand the occupiers in the market and understand the best marketing tools that will generate public interest in the client’s property.

Our service offerings to landlords include:

  • Preparing competition schedules and disposal reports.
  • Making recommendations on the market including, an overview of the property, likely void periods in the market and best suitable marketing techniques.
  • Planning and launching of marketing campaigns to promote the property.
  • Preparing and negotiating Heads of Terms to protect the client and to achieve best possible value on all key elements of the transaction.
  • We also manage all contact and transactions with solicitors and potential buyers through to completion.